Clean Inflatable Bounce Houses

No bounce house or inflatable rental company is going to come out and say “We have some bounce houses, but they aren’t the greatest or cleanest, but hey, they are bounce houses so rent from us.” In fact, probably every bounce house rental company in Utah (or anywhere for that matter) probably claims that they have the cleanest and best bounce houses around. The thing about that is it is not possible for everyone to have the cleanest. Even in our world of participation trophies and where everyone is somehow a winner, some bounce houses are going to be cleaner than others and there is no way around that fact.

Clean Inflatable Bounce Houses
Clean Inflatable Bounce Houses

At All About Bounce Utah we pride ourselves on having clean inflatable bounce houses, slides, obstacle course etc. We started our company because we kept renting inflatables that were simply not clean, no matter what the companies were claiming.

So, how do you know you are getting a clean bounce house rental? Well, for starters, when you rent inflatables from All About Bounce Utah you can be sure your bounce house or slide will be clean because we clean all of our rental units after each use. You want the inflatable to be the center of the party and you want guests to either compliment the unit or not notice it because it is clean and doing its job. The last thing you want is for guests at your party to notice how dirty and unsanitary a bounce house is. That can bring a screeching halt to your party and can be dangerous for those using the bounce house.

We clean and sanitize our units for two main reasons. First, kids mainly use the inflatables and you never know what those little germ factories will bring to the bounce house. Second, cleaning the bounce houses keeps them looking new and in good, bouncy, condition. (on a selfish note, that actually helps the units last longer which helps us cut down on our costs).

We have great repeat customers who continue to come to All About Bounce Utah for their inflatable bounce house, slide, and obstacle course needs. We like to think that at least part of the reason for that is because we only rent out clean inflatable bounce houses and other rental units clean and bouncy!

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