History of Inflatable Bounce Houses

The first inflatable bounce house was designed in 1959 by a mechanical engineer in Lousiana named John Scurlock. Scurlock had designed inflatable things like cushions that allowed people to land safely off of a building in case of emergencies (like a fire). He had also designed and produced inflatable covers for tennis courts. The idea for an inflatable play area came to Scurlock when he saw his employees jumping on one of the inflatable tennis court coverings. He decided that an inflatable for fun should be designed. The first design was called a “space pillow,” and the design soon evlovled to resemble modern bounce houses. Scurlock created a company called “Space Walks” specifically to design and produce the inflatable fun houses. As the designs progressed they became called “Moonwalks” because it gave the feeling of walking on the moon. A few years later Scurlock’s wife started a company to rent out the inflatbale moonwalks and bounce houses. Most often they rented the units for birthday parties, fairs, picnics, and other gatehrings. Early problems arose with the designs, however. There were no sides which meant people often fell off and got hurt. Later sides and a ceilings were added but this made the units get very hot in summer months. As the design progressed even further circulating air was added to cool the units.

Today, All About Bounce Utah capitalizes on all of the best features the Scurlock legacy left. Our inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, and combos are bouncy like a moonwalk, safe like later designs, cool, and designed to please esthetically as well. To have even more summertime fun, many of our units can be used with water. Dry or Wet, our inflatables are perfect to rent for any kind of party. We owe some of our ideas for wet summertime fun to Scurlock’s son Frank. Frank created indoor play areas full of the inflatable bouny units. Later, he created inflatble water slides. Just like the bounce houses, wet or dry, inflatable slides offer amazing fun for everyone.

For more reasons to bounce your next party to the next level check out our post Reasons to Rent Inflatables. Let All About Bounce Utah use our inflatable expertise to elevate your next party!

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