Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How Often do you clean and inspect your inflatables?

    After every use, we setup the inflatables, thoroughly vacuum, clean and disinfect each unit. We then inspect each inflatable for problems or defects. Once again when we set the inflatable up for your party, we re-inspect it before turning it over to you. We believe in having the cleanest and safest inflatables possible!

  2. Are All About Bounce inflatables just for Company or Community events?

    No, all our inflatable are the perfect entertainment for children at birthday parties, picnic, family reunions, festivals, company picnics, church events, fund-raisers, business promotions, grand openings and any other event where children will be present.

  3. Do you deliver and set up?

    Yes, we have courteous drivers that will deliver and set up each piece of equipment and ensure that it is clean and in good working condition well before your party starts. We will also come to take it down after the party is over. Set-up normally takes about 15-20 minutes. Delivery within the Salt Lake County area is free. Delivery charges may apply to areas outside of Salt Lake County

  4. How much room do I need to make for Inflatables?

    Please check the products page for each unit which should give you the clearance needed. When you call to reserve with All About Bounce, we will let you know the dimensions for the particular unit you will be renting. Also you need to factor in some clearance on each side for jumping and movement.

  5. Can I set up the Inflatables on surfaces other than grass?

    We can set up most of the inflatables on virtually any smooth surface including grass, cement, asphalt, inside etc. Let us know the surface you will be using and we will make sure we utilize the proper anchors for your event. Unfortunately we can not set them up on gravel, rough terrain, dirt or sand.

  6. Do I need any special equipment to setup?

    Each unit from All About Bounce uses a small blower that is plugged into a regular household (110V) outlet within 80-100ft. We ask that you have the area where you want the bounce house or maze setup clean of rocks, pine cones, needles and other sharp objects. We come equipped with all the necessary equipment: cords, tarps, etc. If you would like to have a unit at a park or place without an electrical outlet, let us know and we can arrange to use a generator for a small additional charge.

  7. Can the inflatables be setup indoors?

    Yes, bounce houses can be setup indoors provided there is enough ceiling clearance. Gyms, auditoriums and other large halls are perfect. Call for more information about dimensions.

  8. Can I have my party at a park?

    Yes. All About Bounces games are great for parks. Some cities require that you have reservations in order to have an inflatable. Also you want to find out from the city’s Parks and Recreation Department whether there is power (at least 20 amp circuit) where you will want the game set up. If not, we can supply a generator for an additional charge.

  9. Are you insured?

    Yes. We carry a liability insurance policy.

  10. What if it rains or is bad weather?

    On rainy days we call each customer to give you the option of canceling. However, most of our bouncers have rain covers that keep the inside relatively dry. This way in light rain your party will not be ruined. We do reserve the discretion to not set up in heavy rain, snow, icy roads or strong wind.

  11. What if high winds are blowing the hairspray right out of my hair?

    High winds over 25mph means you should shut the blower off and not use the bouncing unit or slide. After winds die down it is okay to resume use. Just keep an eye on the 4 corner stakes of the jumper and make sure they are still secured deep in the ground.

  12. Is there an age limit?

    Kids and adults of all ages can have a great time in our Inflatables. We recommend 3 and up, as children under 3 have a hard time maneuvering on the bouncing surface. If you pair children under 3 with any older age there can be a potential for more accidents. However, we leave it to your discretion. We have some guidelines as to how many people can fit in or on an inflatable unit at one time. It is usually not a weight capacity issue, but a guide to allow everyone enough room to jump around safely. See the page for each inflatable to see its recommended number of players.

  13. Do you require a deposit?

    No. All we need to know is the date, time and location of your event along with which Inflatable you prefer. We will collect payment the day of the party when we set the jump up.

  14. What if I have to cancel?

    Just give us a call. There is no cancellation fee.

  15. What forms of payment do you accept?

    Cash, checks or credit card. (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express)

  16. Do I get a discount for repeat business?

    Absolutely! Call us for further information.

  17. Silly string and fines?

    NO silly string is permitted. If it is in the unit or sprayed on it accidentally, it will melt into the vinyl and damage, possibly ruin the inflatable. It can not be removed. It melts to it like gum. Try to avoid having it at the party or in the area the bounce unit or slide will be.

  18. What if I need to reach you during my party?

    We always have someone in the office or available by mobile phone when there are Inflatables out. In the rare event that you have a problem one quick phone call can get it solved. If we can’t help you by phone, one of our courteous drivers will be out in a short time to assist you. 801-896-4386

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