History of Inflatable Bounce Houses

The first inflatable bounce house was designed in 1959 by a mechanical engineer in Lousiana named John Scurlock. Scurlock had designed inflatable things like cushions that allowed people to land safely off of a building in case of emergencies (like a fire). He had also designed and produced inflatable covers for tennis courts. The idea for an inflatable play area came to Scurlock when he saw his employees jumping on one of the inflatable tennis court coverings. He decided that an inflatable for fun should be designed. The first design was called a “space pillow,” and the design soon evlovled to resemble modern bounce houses. Scurlock created a company called “Space Walks” specifically to design and produce the inflatable fun houses. As the designs progressed they became called “Moonwalks” because it gave the feeling of walking on the moon. A few years later Scurlock’s wife started a company to rent out the inflatbale moonwalks and bounce houses. Most often they rented the units for birthday parties, fairs, picnics, and other gatehrings. Early problems arose with the designs, however. There were no sides which meant people often fell off and got hurt. Later sides and a ceilings were added but this made the units get very hot in summer months. As the design progressed even further circulating air was added to cool the units.

Today, All About Bounce Utah capitalizes on all of the best features the Scurlock legacy left. Our inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, and combos are bouncy like a moonwalk, safe like later designs, cool, and designed to please esthetically as well. To have even more summertime fun, many of our units can be used with water. Dry or Wet, our inflatables are perfect to rent for any kind of party. We owe some of our ideas for wet summertime fun to Scurlock’s son Frank. Frank created indoor play areas full of the inflatable bouny units. Later, he created inflatble water slides. Just like the bounce houses, wet or dry, inflatable slides offer amazing fun for everyone.

For more reasons to bounce your next party to the next level check out our post Reasons to Rent Inflatables. Let All About Bounce Utah use our inflatable expertise to elevate your next party!

Clean Inflatable Bounce Houses

No bounce house or inflatable rental company is going to come out and say “We have some bounce houses, but they aren’t the greatest or cleanest, but hey, they are bounce houses so rent from us.” In fact, probably every bounce house rental company in Utah (or anywhere for that matter) probably claims that they have the cleanest and best bounce houses around. The thing about that is it is not possible for everyone to have the cleanest. Even in our world of participation trophies and where everyone is somehow a winner, some bounce houses are going to be cleaner than others and there is no way around that fact.

Clean Inflatable Bounce Houses
Clean Inflatable Bounce Houses

At All About Bounce Utah we pride ourselves on having clean inflatable bounce houses, slides, obstacle course etc. We started our company because we kept renting inflatables that were simply not clean, no matter what the companies were claiming.

So, how do you know you are getting a clean bounce house rental? Well, for starters, when you rent inflatables from All About Bounce Utah you can be sure your bounce house or slide will be clean because we clean all of our rental units after each use. You want the inflatable to be the center of the party and you want guests to either compliment the unit or not notice it because it is clean and doing its job. The last thing you want is for guests at your party to notice how dirty and unsanitary a bounce house is. That can bring a screeching halt to your party and can be dangerous for those using the bounce house.

We clean and sanitize our units for two main reasons. First, kids mainly use the inflatables and you never know what those little germ factories will bring to the bounce house. Second, cleaning the bounce houses keeps them looking new and in good, bouncy, condition. (on a selfish note, that actually helps the units last longer which helps us cut down on our costs).

We have great repeat customers who continue to come to All About Bounce Utah for their inflatable bounce house, slide, and obstacle course needs. We like to think that at least part of the reason for that is because we only rent out clean inflatable bounce houses and other rental units clean and bouncy!

How to Prepare and Research for a Inflatable Bounce House

Renting a bounce house can make your next party the biggest thing to hit your neighborhood since the guy down the street installed a pool. Inflatable bounce houses tend to be a big crowd favorite at parties, especially for kids (though you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a bouncing good time!). However, not all inflatable bounce houses are created equally and there are some things you should look for when you rent. If you ignore the details, you could be stuck with a party flop instead of a party hop! Here are some tips (in no particular order of importance).

Rent a bounce house that matches a theme. Bounce houses come in many different themes nowadays and you should attempt to rent one that matches a theme. If the bounce house is for a kid’s party, consider what the child is really in to and there is likely a bounce house to match! Rent from an insured bounce house rental company. This is a must. You must do your research to ensure that the company you rent from has insurance. This is a sign that the company is ready to stand by the products they rent out.

Clean the bounce house. Bounce house can be super dirty when you rent them. Be sure you clean and sanitize it before letting anyone play. This will ensure that everyone stays healthy. This is actually one reason All About Bounce Utah started. We were sick of having to clean and repair bounce houses we rented so you can be assured that when you rent from us, the bounce house will be clean and in good working shape.

Compliance with bounce house material standards. Bounce houses take a beating. Literally all they do is get jumped, and kicked, and smashed, and beat. All About Bounce Utah rents out the highest quality of bounce houses available. This means you get the most bounce for your buck AND you stay safe!

Safety first. Be sure you know any age restrictions or weight limits for the specific unit you rent. These will vary along with occupancy limits. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines.

Size of the inflatable and size of the location it will be placed. Know and understand how big the bounce house you will be renting is. Ensure that it will fit in the space you have planned. Also, be sure that the area you want the bounce house to be is easily accessible (for example, carrying the deflated bounce house up and down steep hills and stairs may not be possible).

Supervision. If the party and the bounce house is for kids, especially little kids, ensure that there will always be adult supervision available to monitor the bounce house and the children. Sometimes things can get rough and gets get a false sense of security when they are surrounded by a fluffy bounce house. Avoid accidents by keeping watch.

If you follow these steps you are sure to have a great time with your bounce house. All About Bounce Utah can help you with any of your questions. We are licensed and insured and we do everything we can to make sure you have the best party possible. Contact us today for all of your inflatable bounce house needs in Utah! (We also rent out slides with and without water, obstacle courses, and combo units!)

Renting Inflatables From All About Bounce Utah

Summertime brings a lot of exciting and fun activities. These activities range from extravagant family vacations to simple family and friend barbeques. Something about summer just brings out the fun and excitement in many people. One reason for this may be that families get to spend more time together in the Summer. Kids don’t have school so there is more time to get together with family and friends. Many people have family reunions and neighborhood barbeques in the Summer. Also, the summer means the 4th of July and plenty of parties and fireworks to go with it. Additionally, here in Utah we have the 24th of July celebration which means even more parties and gatherings. The point is this: The summer offers so many opportunities to gather and have fun. Why limit that to the weekend?

Many of our inflatable bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, and combo units are rented out on the weekends. Weekends are popular time to throw parties. It’s understandable because kids don’t have school and parent are often off work for the weekends. What this means is high demand for our popular Utah inflatable rentals. But as noted, Summer brings many more opportunities for family and friend fun.

You can rent our inflatables for your next birthday, reunion, barbeque, or other gathering that is in the middle of the week. Remember to ask about our weekday specials which can save you some money while you get the same amount of bouncy fun. Our inflatables are perfect additions to any gathering on any day of the week, especially weekdays! You can rent a bouncy inflatable to celebrate any type of event or even just to celebrate it being Tuesday! Any excuse to have a bouncing good time is a good excuse.

Imagine this: It is a warm Utah Summer afternoon or evening. You have many of your family and friends around. You planned the same old, lame, boring family/neighborhood party. Sure, the food is good but after about 30 minutes, people are wondering what they can do. The kids are wreaking havoc and are constantly getting into mischief. The adults have no time to converse or catch up because so much of their attention is focused on avoiding an explosion caused by their children. Sounds like fun, right?

NOW imagine THIS! It is a warm Utah Summer afternoon or evening. You have many of your family and friends around. You decided to bounce things to the next level and rented an inflatable bounce house AND slide from All About Bounce Utah rentals. The kids, of all ages, are so preoccupied playing in the inflatables that you almost forget they are there. You get to chat and catch up with all of your family and friends AND you even get to play some games with them. Yes, you get to participate in party activities. The party goes down in neighborhood lore as the legend of the best party ever thrown.

You can decide which part you want to have. When you decide, CONTACT US we’ll be waiting and we’ll assist you on your journey to the annals of history.