Utah-water slide inflatables for rent

Inflatable Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are an excellent way to bounce any party or gathering to the next level. When used properly, bounce houses are a safe and fun way to add excitement for kids of all ages (and the child inside all of us!) All About Bounce Utah started with the mission to provide inflatable rentals, like bounce houses, that were clean, safe, and bouncy.

utah-water slide inflatables for rent

Combo Units

Combo units are exactly what they sound like – a combination of different inflatable units. Specifically, our combo units combine the best of both bounce houses and slides. We have themed combo units (like our princess combo) and units that have banners to match nearly any party theme. Use many of our combo units wet or dry so you can have a bouncing good time wet or dry!

Utah water slide inflatables for rent

Inflatable Slides

Nothing says fun quite like an inflatable slide. We have many inflatable slides to choose from including double lane slides, slides with slip-n-slide attachments, and slides with ball pits. You can enjoy an All About Bounce Utah slide any time of year! When it is hot outside use many of our slides with water and optional slip-n-slide. When the weather isn’t as warm you can use any of our slides in a large indoor area and stay warm and dry. Get your slide today!

Utah Bounce House Rentals in West Jordan City of Utah, USA

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Challenge your friends to an exciting race through an inflatable obstacle course. Our inflatable obstacle courses tend to be the biggest hit with teens and the child in everyone! Inflatable obstacle courses provide a bouncing good time for people of all ages. These units are perfect for larger gatherings too!

Utah water slide inflatables for rent


Need something to entertain a large group of people of all ages? Look no further than our inflatable carnival games. This great unit is a 5 way game with different sport balls and games for fun for all ages!



Every party needs some good snacks! We offer concessions to go along with our inflatable bouncers to feed all of your bouncers! Reserve your concessions along with your inflatable unit today!